Helena-Ulrike Marambio / human rights practitioner

Helena-Ulrike Marambio is a human rights practitioner with professional experiences in countries of transition in Latin America. Between 2006 and 2011 she volunteered and worked in various positions for Amnesty International, in the National Office in Chile and the International Secretariat in the United Kingdom. During this time, she managed and supported several teams (staff and volunteers), actions, and campaigns, and helped in the internal development process of the organization. Within her responsibilities, she developed and organized capacity-building workshops on human rights topics for a wide range of stakeholders with different educational background. Additionally, she guided interns and volunteers on several human rights matters and served as a consultant to the Executive Director in Amnesty International-Chile.

In order to complement her experiences and education, Miss Marambio interned with the United Nations Regional Office for the High Commissioner of Human Rights in Chile and volunteered for several human rights institutions in the field of women´s rights, migrants and refugees, and disabled people. Moreover, she has long-term experiences in social work with disadvantaged groups of society, such as people living in poverty, persons with disabilities, and migrants and refugees.

Miss Marambio has a strong academic background in Political Science and International Human Rights Law. She holds a MA in Political Science and Latin American History (University of Cologne, Germany), and a LLM in International Human Rights Law (University of York, UK). She is currently doing a PhD on legal empowerment of marginalized people in periods of transition (University of Essex, UK). Due to her personal interest in the protection and empowerment of people with disabilities, Miss Marambio was specifically trained on the Rights for People with Disabilities during the International Disability Law Summer School (National University of Ireland, Ireland) in 2013. One of her research topics within the LLM included human trafficking of people with disabilities for forced begging in Pakistan. Furthermore, she received specific training on sensitive issues like gender based violence and human rights research methods.

Miss Marambio was born in 1980 in Rostock (Germany). She is a German and Chilean citizen.